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Kevin Karty Presents at the Insights Association's North Atlantic Chapter

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

September 14 was not just another day in the busy calendars of market research professionals. It stood out vividly for hosting an event that featured Kevin Karty, the dynamic CEO of Intuify, at the North Atlantic Chapter of the Insights Association in Boston. In an industry that thrives on innovation and data-driven insights, Karty's presence signaled a day of profound learning and insight-sharing.

The palpable energy in the room as Kevin spoke was a testament to his reputation in the industry. Being at the helm of Intuify, a brand renowned for groundbreaking methodologies, Kevin's perspective on the role and potential of tools like ChatGPT in research was eagerly awaited.

Diving Deep: ChatGPT's Revolutionary Role

Karty's presentation was both a deep dive and a horizon scan. He began by addressing the transformative power of ChatGPT in data analysis. In an era where data-driven decisions are imperative, ChatGPT emerges as an indispensable tool, streamlining complex datasets into actionable insights with unparalleled efficiency.

But data, as Karty pointed out, is not just about numbers. He dedicated a significant part of his discourse to the qualitative aspects of research. Kevin shed light on how ChatGPT effortlessly interprets open-ended responses in surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. With market research techniques becoming increasingly adaptive and respondent-centric, ChatGPT's prowess ensures that the wealth of information in such responses is distilled into meaningful insights.

Voice Reels: The Future of Feedback

Intuify's innovative streak was another highlight of Karty's presentation. He discussed the company's transition from traditional text-based feedback to voice capture in surveys. Audio reels, as Karty explained, have transformed feedback collection, offering a richer, more authentic respondent experience. These voice reels, often surpassing traditional text responses by over 800%, provide a goldmine of insights.

However, the sheer volume of these audio reels – sometimes in the vicinity of 20,000 – posed a challenge. This is where ChatGPT, with its advanced capabilities, comes into play. Kevin shared intriguing examples of how Intuify leveraged ChatGPT to analyze these vast sets of voice reels, extracting nuances that were previously unattainable.

Innovation Meets Responsibility

In the midst of discussing technological advancements, Kevin didn't overlook the ethical dimensions of these tools. Addressing the packed room, he spoke candidly about the potential misuse of ChatGPT and similar tools, especially in faking survey responses. For Kevin, while pushing the boundaries of innovation is crucial, it should never come at the cost of compromising the integrity and authenticity of research.

In the evolving landscape of market research, organizations must strike a balance between leveraging cutting-edge technologies and ensuring ethical standards. Karty's emphasis on this balance underscored Intuify's commitment to responsible innovation.

Intuify: Setting Benchmarks in Survey Methodology

Beyond the capabilities of ChatGPT, Kevin also threw light on Intuify's unique survey methodologies. The company's software stands out for its diverse question types, intuitive user experiences, and features like swiping technology and interactive graphical interfaces. Respondents aren't just answering questions; they're engaged, leading to richer data and more actionable insights.

Karty's pride in Intuify's offerings was evident as he showcased numerous case studies where these methodologies had produced transformative results for clients. With Intuify's tools, market research is not just about collecting data but creating meaningful experiences for respondents and invaluable insights for businesses.

Community Impact and the Path Ahead

The North Atlantic Chapter of the Insights Association, which played host to this enlightening event, has a legacy of fostering knowledge-sharing and propelling innovation in the region. Kevin took a moment to acknowledge the association's pivotal role in shaping the direction of market research.

Post the event, it was clear that Kevin's message had a profound impact. Conversations revolved around collaboration possibilities, and many expressed interest in having him present at their own events or organizations. Given the buzz, it's no surprise that Kevin's upcoming slot at the Insights Association's annual conference in April is highly anticipated.

Engaging Beyond the Text

While this article attempts to encapsulate the essence of Kevin's presentation, readers would benefit from the accompanying photographs from the event. These images provide a richer context, allowing for a more immersive experience. Furthermore, those keen on delving deeper into the transformative world of market research, as envisioned by Karty and Intuify, are encouraged to book Kevin for an exclusive session at their upcoming events.

In conclusion, September 14 wasn't just a day; it was a statement about where market research is heading. Under the guidance of visionaries like Kevin Karty and firms like Intuify, the future looks promisingly innovative.

For those intrigued by the future of market research and eager to delve deeper into its transformative potential, Kevin Karty's expertise is an invaluable resource. As the driving force behind Intuify and a visionary in the realm of data-driven insights, Kevin offers a captivating perspective on the industry's evolving landscape. Organizations, institutions, and conferences seeking to enrich their agendas would greatly benefit from having Kevin onboard. Whether it's an intimate lunch and learn or a grand speaking event, seize the opportunity to bring Kevin's insights to your audience. Book him now and embark on a journey of discovery and innovation in market research.


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