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Discover thought-provoking insights through our internal studies and white papers, spanning across an array of topics and industries.


Healthy Beverage Qual-at-Scale Study Analysis

Published March 2024

With many new healthy beverages on the market overlapping in terms of characteristics and categorization, it is crucial to understand how consumers define each type of drink and how they perceive them differently. Thus, we sought to hone in on these definitions and help consumer beverage companies better reach out to a more relevant audience.

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Alcohol Brand Positioning Study

Published February 2024

Brand importance is pivotal yet challenging to quantify in the diverse and fragmented alcoholic beverage market, where consumers struggle to recall specific brand experiences or articulate a brand's personality amidst a broad range of products. Leveraging our advanced survey technology, we addressed these challenges and discovered how consumers really feel about alcohol brands.

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Women's Weight Loss Study

Published February 2024

Discover the insights from the Women's Weight Loss Study Report, which explores the motivations and reservations behind the use of weight loss medications among women, the brands they know and use, their information sources, and much more.

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2024 Consumer Outlook Study

Published January 2024

Using our advanced survey technology and methodology, we conducted a study analyzing consumer spending plans heading into 2024, as well as assessing perceptions about the current economy and their overall finances.

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Clothing Brand Demo Study

Coming Soon

Our advanced survey technology allows us to create concept tests unlike no other. For this study, we collected over 50 styles of jeans and asked respondents a series of interactive and engaging questions to better understand the styles that best appeal best to them.

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