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2024 Alcohol Brand Personality Report

Utilizing AI and real voice responses to assess brand equity on a deeper qualitative level. 

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What do alcohol brands really mean to consumers?

Brand importance is pivotal yet challenging to quantify in the diverse and fragmented alcoholic beverage market, where consumers struggle to recall specific brand experiences or articulate a brand's personality amidst a broad range of products. Leveraging our advanced survey technology, we addressed these challenges and discovered how consumers really feel about alcohol brands.

We handpicked 16 alcohol brands ranging from beers, vodkas, ready-to-drink alcohol, and other types, and created AI-generated images based on the brand’s self-description and marketing, and asked respondents to rank them. Utilizing our AI-backed analysis tools, we discovered brand sentiment and top personality traits to formulate a brand perceptual map to understand where various brands fall, and where opportunities rise.


Read our 2024 ​Alcohol Brand Personality Report to learn more!

Published February 23rd, 2024

The Purpose of This Study

Determine how consumers perceive the personality of different alcoholic beverage brands. This includes understanding attributes like sophistication, reliability, fun, or edginess associated with each brand.
Evaluate the match between intended brand positioning and consumers’ actual brand perception.
Identify how each brand is perceived in comparison to its competitors. This helps in understanding the unique position or niche each brand occupies in the minds of consumers.
Learn about and create segments based on the alcohol consumption habits of consumers. Explore when consumers choose to drink, why they drink, and what they drink.

Have any questions on the report? Don't hesitate to reach out! 

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