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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Intuify, your premier market research partner empowering businesses worldwide. Our mission is to close the gap between you and the consumer's mind, bringing their thoughts, feelings, and preferences to light with an unmatched level of precision and authenticity.


In this era where data is the foundation of decision-making, we place value on raw and unfiltered insights. We are transforming the market research survey process by focusing not just on what your customers articulate, but by unveiling the underlying sentiments and cognitive processes.

Our Mission

Deliver world-leading customer insight using cognitively optimized survey technology that radically enhances engagement, depth of response, and data quality.


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Intuitive and Rapid Market Research Surveys

At Intuify, we place a strong belief in intuition - ours and that of your customers. Our market research surveys are designed to be engaging, intuitive, and interactive. Through this approach, we're able to unlock the hidden drivers of consumer behavior and provide a platform where customers feel compelled to share their genuine thoughts and emotions.

Our Clients


Innovative Technology for Authentic Insights

Leveraging groundbreaking technology, we bring market research surveys to a new dimension. Our platform captures and analyzes native voice in real-time, inviting participants to interact with surveys in a conversational manner. This innovative methodology aids in revealing subtle shifts in customer sentiment, offering a comprehensive understanding of your brand's strengths and future prospects.

Cognitive Science-Based Approach Toward Market Research Surveys

At Intuify, we leverage groundbreaking technology to reshape the survey experience. We have designed our platform to capture and analyze native voice in real time, setting the stage for a more dynamic, conversational survey approach. Our unique methods invite participants to engage with our surveys in ways that reflect natural, everyday communication, lending depth to our understanding of nuanced customer sentiment.

Our technological edge extends to our unique UX methodologies, which have revolutionized the conventional survey framework. We have transformed traditional grid questions by incorporating mobile swiping, making the survey process more engaging and user-friendly. Furthermore, we've integrated visual stimulants into our conjoint analyses and ranking questions. This innovative strategy not only enhances respondent interaction but also offers a richer, more immersive means to gather consumer preferences and perception data.

Brand recognition and brand association are key elements in understanding consumer behavior. With this in mind, we've introduced brand logos and images into multiselect questions. This novel approach enables respondents to interact with familiar brand elements during the survey process, thus providing us with an enriched view of brand preference and loyalty.

These various technological and methodological innovations place Intuify at the forefront of authentic insights generation, redefining the future of market research.

Specialists in Collaborative Partnerships

Our team specializes in working closely with marketing and market research and insights teams. We're not just a service provider; we're an extension of your team. Our expert insights, backed by advanced cognitive science and technology, amplify your understanding of consumer behavior and strategic decision-making.

At Intuify, we're more than just a research company; we're a collection of innovators challenging conventional wisdom. Embark on a journey of discovery with us, as we help you unlock the raw, unfiltered thoughts and feelings that propel your brand's growth.

Welcome to Intuify - delivering unfiltered insight in the era of intuition.

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