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2024 Women's
Weight Loss Study

An analysis of clinicially overweight and obese women and their overall perceptions regarding weight loss medication.

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What is the individual's overall weight loss journey?

Many women who are clinically overweight or obese, often influenced by underlying health conditions or other factors, strive to lose weight through various methods, including the use of weight loss medications.

Through comprehensive analysis, this report aims to shed light on the effectiveness, accessibility, and societal reception of weight loss medications within this demographic, offering insights that could guide healthcare providers, policymakers, and individuals in making informed decisions regarding weight loss management and treatment strategies.

Discover the insights from the Women's Weight Loss Study Report, which explores the motivations and reservations behind the use of weight loss medications among women, the brands they know and use, their information sources, and much more.

Published February 8th, 2024

The Purpose of This Study

Comprehensively understand the factors influencing the decision-making process related to the use of weight loss medications.
Obtain feedback on individual’s current experiences with weight loss medications in terms of safety, effectiveness, and social acceptability.
Examine the role of external factors such as advertising, social media, healthcare provider recommendations, and word-of-mouth in influencing decisions related to weight loss medications.
Enhance pharmaceutical companies to provide better medications and get them in the hands of the right individuals, combatting diabetes and other health conditions.

Who can this study help?

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Healthcare Providers

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Health Insurance Providers


Drug / Pharmaceuticals

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