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Healthy Beverage Qual-at-Scale Survey Study

Understanding how consumers really think about sugar-free drinks, diet drinks, and zero-calorie drinks through qual-at-scale.

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How are healthy beverages different from one another?

With many new healthy beverages on the market overlapping in terms of characteristics and categorization, it is crucial to understand how consumers define each type of drink and how they perceive them differently. Thus, we sought to hone in on these definitions and help consumer beverage companies better reach out to a more relevant audience.

We sampled over 1000 category users who answered detailed voice questions regarding sugar-free, diet, and zero-calorie drinks, to better understand how each drink stands out, as well as how each respondent feels about them.

Read our 2024 ​Healthy Beverage Qual-at-Scale Survey Study Short Report now!

Published March 7th, 2024

The Purpose of This Study

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Understand how consumers really think of sugar-free drinks, diet drinks, and zero-sugar drinks, as well as how they perceive and talk about each one in a natural conversation at a quantitative scale.
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Identify the type of person that would consume each type of beverage based on consumer’s beliefs, as well as determine if consumers themselves would drink healthy beverages.
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Learn about current consumer behaviors regarding food and drinks, as well as attitudes regarding personal health.

Want the full report?

Our short report only scratches the surface of what we discovered. Our FULL report contains a deep dive into all of the insights, as well as more data points and key differences in healthy beverage perceptions.

Download the full report.

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Here is what real people have to say about healthy beverages.

Key Differences

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