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ChatGPT: The biggest change to marketing research since the internet

In July, our CEO, Kevin Karty, was asked by Quirk's Media to write an article on the impacts of ChatGPT in the field of market research.

From Kevin, July 5, 2023:

Throughout my 20-year career in data science, I was an AI skeptic. When companies bragged about the AI in their software, I cringed in embarrassment. At best, it was glorified machine learning. At worst, flat out deception.

Inevitably, the hype went bust: AI-backed hedge funds underperformed human managers (who in turn underperformed index funds). Sentiment coding tools still couldn’t understand phrases like, “That game is sick!”

When I first tried ChatGPT 3.0 (we’re on 4.0 at the time writing this article) I expected to be disappointed. I was shocked. ChatGPT is going to force radical change in our industry. No, it won’t destroy marketing research, but there will be winners and losers. The difference will be determined by how well companies and individuals adapt.


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