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  • Kevin K

The Future of Intuify: Announcement of Merger With S2

Intuify is proud to announce its merger with S2, an emerging market research firm just like us; they partner with businesses and agencies of all sizes to fill the gaps of research, providing quantitative and qualitative studies to extract valuable insights from the relevant audience.

And many more.

Say hello to S2.

S2 was first established in 2019 in Las Vegas Nevada, where their initial focus was assisting smaller businesses that lacked the resources to hire or maintain an in-house market research team. As the company grew in experience and size, so did the scale of their projects working with some of the top brands and agencies in the nation, including:

· YouTube

· Monigle

· Brightline West

· Jobi Capital

The team at S2 originally caught our eye for key reasons.

Their view on market research: To S2, market research isn’t a collection of boring statistics; instead, it is a muse to foster creative and effective marketing. Like us, they utilize research as a means to dive into the minds of the audience and learn about their behaviors and pain points hidden beneath their subconscious. And they find extreme enjoyment from it.

Their way of presenting insights: S2 takes the extra step to ensure clients truly absorb insights. Whether it’d be through interactive dashboards, buyer personas, segmentation, and several other deliverables, the team spends time to create engaging content on top of the standard research report.

Their passion: No matter what project they’re working on, regardless of client business size, or industry, S2 has pride in what they do. They are not simply outsourced, they act as an extension of their clients, serving as their in-house market research team. When they’re not working on client projects, they conduct their own research on the marketing industry and relevant topics. And they love what they do, enthusing over insights, industry trends, and new market research technologies that improve their work.

Their perception of the future: Overall, S2 anticipates the positive direction that market research is headed and is prepared to meet its ever-increasing importance in the future.

Ultimately, the core values and capabilities of S2 align perfectly with ours. They love market research, and that love shows in how they gather data, present data and use data to help clients create effective marketing and products. How could we not partner with such an amazing research-driven team?

What does this mean?

The world of market research is about to change. With S2 on board, Intuify can now provide even more with its research, as well as expanding our capabilities to support larger scale projects, integrate data dashboards and extend our product. S2’s clients will also reap the benefits of this merger, as they now have access to Intuify’s industry-leading survey interfaces, analytics, and unique solutions.

Using our combined forces, we will now take on even more ambitious projects and shake the entire world with our work. What details? Stay tuned for more to come.

Both Intuify and S2 are excited for this new partnership, and we look forward to providing bigger and better projects. Also expect an array of content, from white papers, presentations, our new presence on social media, and even more to come. We have a lot stored for you in 2023 so stay tuned.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We couldn’t have made it into 2023 without you. It’s going to be a phenomenal year for us!


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