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Market Research in the 2020s

An analysis of market research's evolution, and how technological and strategic advances are influencing its future.

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Learn about the future of market research.

Market research plays a crucial role in not only reporting in the now, but preparing for the future. And as the future approaches, so do the many challenges that arise with market research. 

Despite constraints like reduced timeline and budgets, increased competition, and oversight, market research has made technological strides in the past three decades. With such advances, a new potential has opened up for market research. And should that potential be reached, market research will yield higher returns than ever before. 

Read "Market Research in the 2020s" and see where the industry is headed this decade.

What's in this paper?


Technology That Enhances the Respondent Experience

By tapping into the potential of smartphones, we can wire our market research to alter the cognitive science and truly dive into the emotions and thought processes of our respondents.


Unlocking Preconscious Decision Processes

In today's standard, general survey technology can only dive into 5% of the respondent's decision making processes. By utilizing technology to change the way we do research, we can dive into the 95% that subconsciously influences a respondent.

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The Power of 'Intuification'

Customers favor an intuitive website or application, no matter how simple or complex it may be. The same is true for surveys, and by adapting this mindset, the survey experience will  significantly improve, allowing market research will thrive.

And much more! 

Read our whitepaper on the impact of technology on Market Research in the 2020's

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