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Boring surveys don’t capture what people truly think or feel​.

That's why we reinvigorated the survey experience.


Because intriguing surveys lead to intriguing insights.

While technology has made phenomenal strides over the past three decades, survey technology has remained stagnant, resulting in a 27% decrease in participation, a rise in cheaters and overall lower quality data.

Survey in 1970s

Survey in 2020s

Screenshot 2023-08-16 130726.png

This was true until now.


At Intuify, our approach to survey development prioritizes the respondent experience, which allows us to tap into significantly more insights than ever before.


We have built intuitive interfaces that not only capture more than double the metrics of a standard survey, but keep respondents engaged throughout, reducing the amount of cheaters and increasing the amount of high quality data.

With Intuify, the insights get deeper than ever before.

Mobile-Friendly Approach

Mobile users  make up XX% of survey respondents. With this in mind, we developed interactive question interfaces formatted just for mobile.

Gone are the days of clunky matrix tables and tedious scrolling. Intuify's survey interface solves formatting fatiguing challenges in unique ways.

For example, our Three-Way Swipe interface replaces a standard grid question with large imagery that can be swiped left, right, or up. User swipes are tactile and release strong levels of dopamine, further maintaining engagement. See for yourself below.



Open-ends are often dreaded by respondents due to the time it takes to type an answer. Intuify addresses this issue by integrating voice questions into our surveys.
Respondents are able to speak their answers directly into their device (without additional software or setup). Instead of spending 2 minutes typing a paragraph, respondents can share three paragraphs worth of content in half the time through voice.  

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